We assess your case, gather and evaluate evidence, form an effective defense, navigate the court system and minimize the impact the charges have on your life.


We work with you to ensure DWI or other driving charges are handled properly, and minimize their impact on your life.

Drug Offenses

These charges are complex and usually involve multiple defendants. We know the local laws that will affect your case.


Juvenile Law

Children have rights that are protected by law. We work to minimize the impact any charges have on your child’s life.

Probation Violation

If you are accused of violating your probation, you need us at your side during your hearing to revoke probation. We help minimize the consequences.


Sex Offenses

Have you been accused of a sexual offense? We are experienced in handling sex crime charges and the complex legal and emotional issues that follow.


Theft Offenses

We the charge, determine possible defenses, consider the lawfulness of the investigation, and work with the court to minimize the long-term effects on your life.



We help clients through a court process called expungement – or sealing your criminal records – so you can put past mistakes behind you.


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